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Lap Harp Giveaway
The Lap Harp is a great introduction to stringed instruments. My daughter received a lap harp for her birthday from[...]

Past Giveaways

Lap Harp Giveaway
The Lap Harp is a great introduction to stringed instruments. My daughter received a lap harp for her birthday from[...]
Compose Yourself Music Card Game Giveaway
Help your kids compose music in minutes! Hey guys, it's giveaway time and as I was hunting for the perfect[...]
Melodica Review and Giveaway
Introducing the Melodica The melodica is a fun instrument with an interesting history.  It began when Mathias Hohner, a German[...]
Deskbells and Songbook Giveaway
Deskbell Giveaway and Changes over at Preschool ProdigesBack by popular demand!  This is the second time we have paired up[...]
Little Tikes Tap a Tune Instrument Giveaway
Little Tikes Tap a Tune Piano and Drum Giveaway An invitation to play One of my favorite ways to introduce[...]
Finger Puppets Giveaway
Finger Puppet Giveaway As my children have been singing the Finger Plays a lot this, especially in the car, I[...]
Rhythm Cards and Beginning Rhythm Giveaway
Games for Rhythm CardsRhythm cards are a great way to warm up any music session.  Students sight-read rhythms created by[...]
Boomwhacker and Solfege Train Giveaway
Giveaways are Back!!The school year has started again and we're excited to start another round of giveaways.  The Boomwhacker giveaway[...]
STL Ocarina Review and Giveaway
STL Ocarina Review and Special Giveaway!​Okay, let's be honest.  I haven't geeked out over anything in the music world like[...]
Percussion Set and Beginning Rhythm Giveaway!
Percussion Set and Beginning Rhythm GiveawayOf all of the instruments in our family collection, it's the backpack full of hand-held[...]
Sesame Street / Stomp DVD Giveaway
Sesame Street and Stomp DVDs GiveawayIf you grew up watching Sesame Street like I did, you're going to love these[...]
Activity Scarves Giveaway
Activity Scarves GiveawayWhile I have not personally used the scarves featured in this giveaway, I do trust West Music as[...]
Little Musician Review
Little Musician Review and GiveawaySponsored by BrillKidsLittle Musician is one of my absolute favorite music products available, especially for tiny[...]
Parachute Giveaway
Classroom or Family Parachute GiveawayFew items require the teamwork of a parachute, and even fewer are as fun to use. [...]
Ukulele Package Giveaway
Ukulele and Ukulele Lesson GiveawayTo celebrate our finished Ukulele course, we are giving away a Ukulele along with access to[...]
Preschool Prodigies Review
Preschool Prodigies Review Sponsored by Preschool ProdigiesFull disclaimer- while I did receive free access to the playground as part of[...]
Chromanotes Desk Bells and Songbook Giveaway
Chromanotes Desk Bells and Songbook GiveawayCo-Sponsored by Preschool ProdigiesI am so excited about this giveaway because of the opportunity to[...]
20 Percussion Instrument Giveaway
Jingle Bells and Egg Shaker Package GiveawayMake your own egg shakers too!-Just in time for Easter!Singing and storytime circles are[...]
Music Storytime Books Giveaway
Zin, Zin, Zin a Violin!I know a Shy Fellow who Swallowed a Cello andM is for MelodyHaving a music storytime[...]
Children’s Ballet DVD Giveaway
Peter and the WolfandThe Child and the EnchantmentsI love the arts.  I love dancing, singing, orchestra music, theater.  When all[...]