by Tamsyn

May 6, 2016

sesame street stomp

Sesame Street and Stomp DVDs Giveaway

If you grew up watching Sesame Street like I did, you're going to love these DVDs!  One features a classic collection of the show's greatest music, one delves into the process of making music and features cast members from Stomp, and the last one is a classic collection of some of Stomp's greatest performances, including the same cast members you meet on Sesame Street.  These videos are awesome- good luck!  Chances are good that your local library will have these videos, and if not they are all very reasonably priced.

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Enter the giveaway and learn more below.  We will be purchasing the prize for the winner.

Find out more about the three DVDs one lucky winner will receive on Amazon.  Giveaway ends Friday at midnight, May 13th.

sesame street stomp giveaway

Sesame Street - A Musical Celebration

This 1993 collection features 27 classic sesame street songs including Rubber Duckie, C is for Cookie, and a special rendition of "Sing" featuring the entire cast.  If there's a nerdy side of you that wants your children to learn these songs because you grew up loving them, this is the DVD for you.  Heck, if there's a nerdy side of you that wants to learn and remember these childhood favorites just for nostalgic reasons, this is the DVD for you.  Who needs kids?  We're all young at heart, right?  When my husband and I were dating, we joked that "Rubber Duckie" was our song.

Sesame Street - Let's Make Music!

This DVD is more than a sing-along because it goes into the process of making music.  How sounds are made.  How there are many different kinds of music.  How music can be played on just about anything, as our friendly professional percussionists from Stomp amply show.  Lot's of fun!

Stomp Out Loud

I was first introduced to Stomp when a show-choir friend brought the DVD on a road trip and we watched it during the long drive.  Our dancers had recreated the broom scene and it was one of our most popular numbers.  I bought and unpacked the DVD during our recent move yesterday and knew these videos would make an awesome giveaway because I have really loved them through the years.  The entire Stomp video is more than an hour and I recommend showing it to kids in segments.  I have shown clips to my music classes and they were a big hit for young and old alike- certainly cool enough for the picky teenagers, and engaging enough for the little ones.  What better way to inspire using pots and pans as instruments than to watch professionals do it?

Below you can watch a clip from each of the featured DVDs.  Good luck!

This classic song is part of the Musical Celebration DVD

This scene is a good sample of what you'll find in "Let's Make Music".

Stomp is so cool- what can I say?

sesame street stomp

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  1. Sesame street is such a wonderful cartoon. Something we enjoyed when we were kids and now our kids can enjoy.

  2. I have not seen this but I have a feeling my son who LOVES music would get a great joy from this. I am going to have to search this out!

  3. Sesame Street is such a great introduction to all types of music for children, we love Sesame Street in our house! My husband and I went to see Stomp in New York years ago, and loved it, and I would love to introduce it to our children!

  4. We love Sesame Street! My mom took me to Sesame Street Live when I was a little girl. I love being a parent now myself and being able to enjoy it with my kids again.

  5. this dvd sounds amazing i remember watching sesame street with my kids when they were younger and now my grandsons..

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