by Tamsyn

September 17, 2016

Finger Puppet Giveaway

As my children have been singing the Finger Plays a lot this, especially in the car, I thought that it would be fun to find some finger puppets to giveaway this week.  As I looked at the different finger puppets on Amazon, these crotchet puppets caught my eye.  They are fair trade, hand-made in Peru.  My friend made us a few crotchet finger puppets a few years ago and my children have really loved them.  They are great quiet-bag activities because they are small and soft.  So much imaginative play can come from these little puppets!  We have washed ours a few times in the washing machine and let them air dry with good results.

The giveaway consists of 25 finger puppets of varying assortment.  Some of the reviewers had variety, some had a few duplicates, and some got a few that were made to look like specific characters such as Hello Kitty or Elmo, although most were generic.  I love that the puppets are fair trade and homemade.  They should be fun!

finger puppet idea

"What a child imitates, he begins to understand." -Froebel

The value of imitation.

I have really enjoyed studying Froebel and his educational theories.  While most have never heard of Froebel himself, they have heard of "Kindergarten", which Froebel invented.  The name means "Child Garden".  Froebel envisioned each child as a unique flower in a garden, wishing for every child to be able to bloom and flourish in his or her own time, given the right environment to thrive.  His "Mother Play" songs included imitation, hand signs and imaginative play for children to do while they imitated activities that would have been familiar to them.  Feeding chickens, rocking a baby, the wind, and so on. 

It was in that spirit that Emilie Poulsson created the Finger Plays we have covered the last few weeks, which you can watch on our YouTube channel and download online here.  We also have color-coded sheet music and a few activities in our members area.

Puppets and dress up clothes are a great tools to enhance and encourage imitative play, as are most toys.  There are actually many different finger puppet sets on amazon, many less $10.  I hope this giveaway has given you a few ideas on how to enhance imitative play for the children in your care.  Thanks for reading and good luck!

Learn more about the Finger Puppet set the winner will receive on Amazon

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My name is Tamsyn and I love music. I got my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from USU. I spent many years teaching private piano lessons until I had children of my own. I have attended several children workshops on how to teach children music. I really like the Kodaly method, but have adapted a lot of different techniques for my own children.

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  1. I would use the puppets to sing songs , and read stories for my autistic son. My favorite nursery rhyme is Row Row Row Your Boat
    Thank You for the chance

  2. I’d use the finger puppets to keep baby entertained during long car rides. She loves stuffed teddy bears so I know she’ll love finger puppets. We really like to sing the Italy bits you spider.

  3. My son loves the puppets at the library – he would love to put on a show for us & our youngest! My favorite nursery rhyme is Jack be Nimble 🙂

  4. I would just let my daughters play with them. We have a few finger puppets on hand – nothing fancy. But I have been treated to the 3 little pigs meet a shark.

  5. I honk it is wonderful that you are giving a fair trade item away. We love puppets. We use them for history and Spanish. Love your finger plays. Your voice is so amazing!

  6. I think these puppets would be fantastic for all kinds of homeschool activities! I would use them to read stories, sing songs, count, learn their abcs, etc! 🙂

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