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My First Piano Lessons

Each of our 20 piano lessons come with a video tutorial and a brief introduction to the basic concepts taught in each lesson. Hear how each song sounds, see the tricky spots in each piece explained, and gain confidence playing as much of the guesswork is eliminated.

Irish Piano Music

irish music

Just in time for St. Patrick's day, we have a lovely arrangement of Irish music arranged for piano. From easy to intermediate, each song has an MP3 recording and video tutorial. Available color-coded or in black and white.

Beginning Ukulele Lessons for Kids

Learn to play Ukulele with Brooke Palmer as she takes from the tuning your ukulele to playing several cords and strumming to play popular children's music and start you on your own ukulele adventure.

Beginning Rhythm!

Beginning Rhythm was our first product. Featuring over 250 pages of manipulatives, this is a great place to start your student or child's musical education.

Solfege Train

irish music

These manipulatives will not only help you teach solfege to early beginners, but we also thoroughly explore other early learning concepts, such as rhythm vs beat, music opposites like loud and soft, pre-reading, staff reading, and much more!

6 Holed Ocarina Printables

6-holed ocarina printable

Learn to play the 6-holed ocarina with color-coded printables! ​Includes 11"x8.5" giant flashcards for the simple octave,​ as well as videos and Tablature printouts for 9 songs. Includes Hot Cross Buns, Mary had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Little Star, Row your Boat, Ode to Joy, London Bridge, Brahms Lullaby, On Top of Old Smokey, and Are You Sleeping?

Adventure Packs

Piano Chord Wheel

Piano Chord Wheel

Our independent printable games, crafts and activities have been organized into four adventure packs. Available separately or save by purchasing them all in one bundle!

Adventure Pack One- Board Games

Contains five board games that reinforce music notation reading and placement.

Rainbow Matching Game

Rainbow Matching

Rainbow Castle Board Game

Rainbow Castle

Glissando Board Game


Music Berries Activity

Music Berries

Sharps and Flatters Board Game

Sharps and Flatters

Adventure Pack Two- Teacher's Friend

Contains five printouts for classroom or small children flash cards, our popular chord wheel, and a fun Pin the Not on the Piano game.

Large Music Flashcards

Music Flashcards

Large Key Signatures Flascards

Key Signature Flashcards

Ear Training Board

Ear Training Board

Piano Chord Wheel

Piano Chord Wheel

pin the note on the piano printables

Pin the note on the Piano

Adventure Pack Three- Solfege Fun

Printables especially designed to teach singing in solfege.

Mary Had a Little Lamb Solfege

Mary Had a Little Lamb Solfege Printable

Origami Solfege Cube Activity

Origami Solfege Cube

Solfege Fingers Printout

Solfege Fingers

Solfege Coloring

Solfege Coloring with 5 Songs

solfege hopscotch

Solfege Hopscotch

Adventure Pack Four- Crafts and Games

Paste, Cut, and Play with this fun variety pack that reinforces note size. Plus a full deck of colored note cards.

Origami "Cootie Catchers" Printout

Music Cootie Catchers

Note Card Games

Piano Rummy

Rhythm Blocks Cut Out

Rhythm Blocks

Rhythm Sorting Cut and Paste Activity

Rhythm Sorting

Egyptian Pyramid Rhythm Activity

Egyptian Pyramid