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Monthly Payments

We pay our affiliates at the beginning of every month.  We have a low payment threshold- payments as low as $10!  Any commissions less than $10 will be held over until the minimum amount is reached.  Also, affiliate sales are held for at least 30 days in case the sale is refunded or canceled.

Generous Commissions

Commission tiers start at 20%.  As you earn more in sales, you earn higher commissions, up to 50%!*  You may not purchase through your own affiliate link.
Commission Percentage Tiers are as follows: 
20% on sales $0-$200
30% on sales $201-$1,000
35% on sales $1,001-$1,500
40% on sales $1,501-$2,000
45% on sales $2,001-$3,000
50% on sales $3,001+
*Commission rates for digital goods only.  Physical products (coming soon!) will have different tiers.

Customize Links with your affiliate information

We make it easy to get credit for sharing our website.  You can customize the link of any page or blog post on our website to include your affiliate code and then share it on social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  If the reader becomes a customer, you will get credit!  You agree to disclose that you are an affiliate.

Offer customized coupons!

You may request a customized 10% discount coupon which will give your readers 10% off.  If they use your coupon, you will get credit for the sale.  You may have a standing coupon or offer promotionary coupons that expire.  On occasion we will create special offers for even higher discounts!

Share the love of music

We are a small company dedicated to bringing our customers great value and sharing our passion for making music literacy widely available and fun for children.  Helping us spread the word is a win-win-win for everybody!

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