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The Solfege Train

Instructional e-book with more than 150 printables for teaching music fundamentals focused around solfege.  (Do-Re-Mi).

Beginning Rhythm

Learn the fundamentals of rhythm and beat with our instructional e-book and printables.  Also includes rhythm games and activities such as Rhythm Bingo.

My First Piano Lessons

Color-coded piano primer with fun songs. Step-by-step lessons with video tutorials, printable sheet music, and supplemental activities to get budding pianists off to a good start.

Introduction to Ukulele

This video series is our first collaboration project.  Brooke Palmer teaches us how to play the Ukulele.

irish music

Irish Music

We have a lovely arrangement of Irish music for piano.  From easy to intermediate, each song has an MP3 recording and video tutorial.  Available color-coded or in black and white.

10 Counting Songs and Activities

These classic counting songs are a great way to introduce counting to children.  Use the manipulative printouts to help teach the songs to the kids by ear, or give them the easy sheet music and have them play it!

Rainbow Castle is one of our board games

Board Games

These board games are all especially designed to teach your little ones how to read music. Each of the games are fast-paced and only take a few minutes to play.

Piano Chord Wheel

Teacher's Friend

These activities are all especially designed for piano teachers. Each activity is fast-paced and only take a few minutes to play, making them great for supplemental use during music lessons.

Solfege Fun

These 5 activities are all especially designed to help children learn to sing in solfege. Each activity is fast-paced and only take a few minutes to play

Crafts and Games

Get your scissors out because you're going to need them! These activities are a fun way to learn about the rhythmic value of notes, basic note-reading, and best of all, a full-fledged note-reading card game!

Christmas Music

We have a lovely arrangement of Christmas music for piano.  From easy to intermediate, each song has a video tutorial and color-coded printable to help you start the holiday season with some Christmas cheer.


Every product listed on this page, Music Land TV, boomwhacker and ocarina songs, theory and more (an ever-growing collection!) await you when you become a member and join our community!

You don't have to be a musician to be a great music teacher.

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Liz from Doman Mom

These piano inserts are great for younger kids. I used to have colored stickers on my piano keyboard keys, but I took them off since they got so dingy and gross looking. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing something like this, with a colored insert that you can just rest directly behind the keys. It doesn’t damage the instrument and stays nice-looking since you don’t have fingers pressing on them constantly!

...Lastly, the ebook has these oversized music notation flash cards... This size cards is great especially for the younger crowd, as little kids generally seem to enjoy the big images that are easy to see, and the large cards that are easy and fun to handle. If you have an older child, you can always set your pdf printer to print two or four sheets per page if you wanted smaller cards...

Tamsyn sent me a full copy of the Beginning Rhythm program as well as The Solfege Train program to view as well. I did look through all of the contents in both of those programs and I was impressed. There were so many great activities, especially The Solfege Train which is an entire curriculum (based on the Kodaly method). I’m looking forward to trying more activities with both of my kids.

Glaine Elento-Tabo

Tamsyn, I'm so thankful that I subscribed to your website because there are a lot of treasures to find like printables and videos. The printables are really great because I can apply it to my daughter who is 3 yrs old what we have learned in Little Musician. She loves the games though I changed it a bit to suit her interest but so far she likes them. I am also learning because I don't have any music background except drawing of staff.

I highly recommend it to everyone because there are tons of stuff there and I know Tamsyn keeps on adding more.

Glaine Elento-Tabo - Mother

Natalie Brandt

Our kids are "Hands On" learners! They love to learn new things, but they also immensely enjoy hands on activities to support and review the material. I have written on why we feel that musical experiences early in life are important here. However, in order for music to have a notable effect on brain development, a child must physically engage in musical activities. These activities must provide a comprehensive sensory experience as well.

So, not just listening, but dancing, clapping, singing, guessing, comparing, coloring, playing.... All those things and more we are trying to do with our kids on a daily basis. So naturally I am always on a look out for materials I can use in our daily music routine. Tamsyn's materials are a perfect fit in that regard, and the good thing there are more coming and there is always something new to check out and to add to our music education.

I am looking for well-rounded, fun music experience for my children -- we listen to music, we play, we do ballet and visit theaters, we play music games, do solfege, they're starting to play piano and having fun with rhythm instruments. They love reading books. And I am delighted that a fellow parent with young children ( who also happened to be a music professional) is inspired to share excellent materials all of us can use, that are tried and proven by her own children and inspired by their questions and interests.

Natalie Brandt - Homeschool Mom

Ruth Hill

Oh, I wish I had had these when I was teaching, but I certainly will when I teach again! I can remember not playing rhythm bingo because I didn’t want to make that many cards for the students. And of course, here they are all made up! I can remember having to make all sorts of duplicates for various games. The quality of these cards are fantastic, and if I ever lose the printables, my computer will always have a backup! I wish I were teaching music right now so I could get in and use them, but I know my daughter will love these. In fact, I need to recommend them to the music teachers I know. They are worth any expense–they are so simple and easy to use.

Ruth Hill - Music Teacher

Helen Anderson

I love this web-site. My children have done really well with the piano pieces and the Chord Factory story. We’re looking forward to getting our uke fixed so my daughter can start learning to play.

Helen Anderson - Homeschool Mom

Our 150+ videos make online learning easy for you.

Our growing video library is geared for teaching children directly, which means that all you have to do is navigate to the topic you are interested in and push play! You and your child can practice the video lessons together, or they can watch the videos on their own. These videos alone make a membership with us of great value.  Add to the dozens of videos the hundreds of printouts to choose from, all categorized for your convenience, and one can see that the value is incredible.

With colorful games and activities, coloring pages, crafts, and stories, these powerful learning manipulatives provide any musical teaching approach with a powerful punch.

Sample Video

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Coral Johnson

I absolutely love the resources available at Teaching Children Music! My 4yo twins and 2yo choose to play Rainbow Castle over CandyLand, and have no idea they're learning how to read music. And my fiercly independent 6yo is really loving 'teaching herself' to play the piano using the color-coded insert at the top of the piano in conjunction with the John Thompson Teaching Little Fingers to Play book I color-coded like Tamsyn shows in the Nursery Rhymes for Piano course. My kids don't realize they're learning and not just playing games when I use the resources from Teaching Children Music!

Coral Johnson - Homeschool Mom

Allison Brown

I love The Solfege Train, which I bought from Tamsyn a year ago. With this membership, it's available both as a book and printables, if you want to use it screen free, which was important to me when I got it, or as interactive videos, which are the way we're going now.

Seriously, learning Moveable Do with the Solfege Train taught me more about music theory than 10 years of piano lessons. It teaches ear training and theory, two things I'm seriously weak on, in a very [Early Learning] way (my 2 year old does fine).

And there's even more stuff I haven't even looked at yet! I'm really excited about it!

Allison Brown - Homeschool Mom

Rebecca Harmon

Your kids will have lots of fun learning about music and rhythm with these super games like Rhythm Bingo and learning through the popular children’s Nursery Rhymes. This portion of the e-Product completely delighted my four year old! She felt like she was gaining special knowledge in music about her favorite Nursery Rhymes and was very proud to show her father what she had learned when he came home that day.

Rebecca Harmon - Parent

DJ Harris

Even though the Beginning Rhythm was originally marketed for small children it became clear that children and adults of all ages could benefit from using the system. The set up and design is easy to use and understand making it simple to get started and fun to keep going...

Xander just had his 12th Birthday Party and the Beginning Rhythm Bingo Game was a BIG HIT at his party with all his friends, and the adults too!

DJ Harris - Parent


Try our website risk free. The hundreds of printouts and dozens of videos were specifically designed to teach children music literacy. They are colorful, fun, and they work! As a professional musician, I stand behind my products with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

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