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Supersized Rhythm games!

Increase gametime appeal by making supersized rhythm manipulatives.‚ÄčThere’s something about changing the size of every-day items that enchant our minds and give us a sense of awe.  A miniature anything well done makes us say, “Wow, that’s so cute!”  Conversely, when a small thing is made large, it’s almost as though we have been magically […]

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Lap Harp Giveaway

The Lap Harp is a great introduction to stringed instruments. My daughter received a lap harp for her birthday from a thrift store, and it’s an awesome instrument.  The sad part is, silly her mother placed it up on a shelf for a couple of months before finally buying a $3 tuner.  Once that glitch […]

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3 schedule tips for homeschooling music

Tips for Homeschooling Music

Beyond the Three R’s- Homeschooling MusicHey all you homeschooling parents, it’s December now!  That time of year when our public schooling friends are looking forward to Christmas vacation, followed by that time when “Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again”.  That time of year when we are revamping our homeschooling day […]

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17 melodica

Melodica Review and Giveaway

Introducing the Melodica The melodica is a fun instrument with an interesting history.  It began when Mathias Hohner, a German musician and instrument inventor, traveled to Japan.  He heard the mouth organ called the “sho” and believed that he could improve on the design.  Through a series of trial and error, he was wildly successful.  […]

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32 deskbells and songbook

Deskbells and Songbook Giveaway

Deskbell Giveaway and Changes over at Preschool ProdigesBack by popular demand!  This is the second time we have paired up with Preschool Prodigies to do a deskbell/songbook giveaway.  We really love them and what they are doing!  This giveaway features their new, second songbook, and of course a set of the classic, color-coded deskbells.  You […]

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2 Music Education Blog Carnival

Music Education Blog Carnival!

Music Education Blog Carnival!The music education blog carnival is a monthly post hosted by different music bloggers.  Each blogger selects a few music posts written the previous month (in this case, July, 2016) and shares why they selected it.  I had a lot of great posts to choose from!  This has been a very fun […]

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UHEA booth

UHEA Convention

First time attending a convention!Last Saturday we attended the UHEA (Utah Homeschool Education Association) convention, and it was definitely a new experience for us.  I have attended this convention several times in the past, as a homeschooling teenager, as a single college student bringing a couple of boyfriends along, and once bringing the second boyfriend-turned-husband […]

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20 ocarina review

STL Ocarina Review and Giveaway

STL Ocarina Review and Special Giveaway!‚ÄčOkay, let’s be honest.  I haven’t geeked out over anything in the music world like I have over the ocarina in a very LONG time!  Not that I had never heard of the instrument, but I had never discovered it until this last week when our much sought-for package came […]

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