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Christmas Music- Joy to the World

While some are adamant that Christmas music wait until after the Thanksgiving turkey is all put away, anyone involved in any Christmas production knows that Christmas music gets pulled out much earlier. Out of habit, I begin thinking of Christmas music about the same time pumpkins make their annual debut in the grocery store. In […]

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Music for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! As I thought of what to share this week, naturally the USA holiday of Thanksgiving came to mind and I wanted to do something to supplement this yummy holiday.  I did a little research to find out what kind of music the Pilgrims would have been familiar with and I found this free, […]

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Using color to teach music

I have found many different programs that use color to help teach music reading to children, especially on the piano. Piano Wizard, and Piano for Preschoolers come to mind, but there are many others. Some have even used color to teach singing and perfect pitch, such as the Taneda method. I think that using color […]

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Practice time logs

That which can be monitored can be improved. I have found in my teaching that when my students have been struggling with a song for a few weeks, we always come to the inevitable question: “How much have you been practicing?” Yes, that’s what I thought.I am so grateful that my piano teacher consistently asked […]

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Free Online Sheet Music

Here is a collection of free online sheet music for your personal and studio use. They are public-domain songs that I have arranged on our print-music program. Many of them I used with my students. Vocal Music Month of MayingThe Month of Maying is an old madrigal, originally written for five parts. I arranged this […]

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