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1 Online Music Lessons Vs In-Person Lessons

​Which Method is Better?Today guest blogger Donna Maurer from Music to your Home gives us some points to consider when deciding whether to have in-person or online music lessons.Technology has opened up so many doors for people who want to learn new things, right from the comfort of home. Nowadays, you can attend public school […]

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Supersized Rhythm games!

Increase gametime appeal by making supersized rhythm manipulatives.​There’s something about changing the size of every-day items that enchant our minds and give us a sense of awe.  A miniature anything well done makes us say, “Wow, that’s so cute!”  Conversely, when a small thing is made large, it’s almost as though we have been magically […]

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The role of music in education

I wanted to share this talk because it highlights one of the most important aspects of education- the art of listening.  As more and more research has revealed the incredible learning that happens before we are even born, we recognize that listening is their primary means of learning.  When they enter the world, they listen […]

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Origami Solfege Cube Puzzle

This printable in only available to our members right now.  It is also available in our “Solfege Fun” Adventure Pack.My daughter loves origami and has been especially interested in modular origami, in which one basic shape can be combined with others to make a variety of three-dimentional shapes, the cube being the most popular. Remembering […]

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