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2 Music Education Blog Carnival

Music Education Blog Carnival!

Music Education Blog Carnival!The music education blog carnival is a monthly post hosted by different music bloggers.  Each blogger selects a few music posts written the previous month (in this case, July, 2016) and shares why they selected it.  I had a lot of great posts to choose from!  This has been a very fun […]

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2 world musc tour

World Music Tour

Travel the world by learning about music!When I was a kid, one of my favorite memories is when my family went on a pretend tour of the world.  My mother put up a large map for the purpose of our travels and we spent a week in different countries for an entire year.  Each time […]

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1 Book of Great Musicians

Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians

Thomas Tapper’s Classical Composer Series for Children Thomas Tapper was a musician, lecturer, teacher, and especially an author who specialized in children’s books.  His “Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians” series, written at the turn of the 20th century, is by far his most popular work. The original series were purchased as a bundle of paper […]

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MuseScore- Free and Wonderful!

Today I am very pleased to spread the word about a FANTASTIC open source file known MuseScore, which can be downloaded for free at As a music major, one of the classes that we were required to take is “Computer Applications in Music”.  The primary program that we learn to use is “Finale”.  Finale […]

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Walking Piano

I had a famous visitor come to my website last weekend.  Remo Saraceni, inventor of the walking piano featured on “BIG” with Tom Hanks, commented on my Musical Stairs post.  When I looked at his profile, “Fun Maker”, and realized who he is, I was very excited about the visit, and my 3-year-old son and […]

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The Music of DNA

Composers and scientists have joined forces to create a truly unique piece of art. Each of the 40 singers has their own sheet music, written for them based on their individual DNA. The end result is, well, very musical. One would think that it had its origins in Gregorian Chant instead of modern science.The marriage […]

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1 Escaping war through the study of music

“Music is like magic in a person’s hands”, says Nashat Majeed, a guitar instructor in Iraq. Children in Iraq are finding peace and escaping the war of their country through the study of music. I ran across the article posted below and was very touched by this story. It is a beautiful thing that they […]

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