World Music Tour- travel the world by learning about music!

World Music Tour

Travel the world by learning about music!

When I was a kid, one of my favorite memories is when my family went on a pretend tour of the world.  My mother put up a large map for the purpose of our travels and we spent a week in different countries for an entire year.  Each time we "traveled" to a new country, we would draw a line from the country we had visited to the country we were visiting.  During that week, we would eat at least one authentic meal from that country, learn a song or two, check out any books the library had featuring the culture of that country, and do a related craft.  It was lots of fun and I really internalized geography as a part of that experience.

There are a group of fantastic public school music teachers who have had the same idea.  The idea was spearheaded by Elizabeth Caldwell over at Organized Chaos.  Not only have they been visiting a few different countries with their students during music period, but they have blogged about their resources and collaborated with each other to share what they have learned.  I have been very impressed with their work and I wanted to share their blog posts with you.  Other bloggers involved that I have drawn from are:

I will be adding to the "world tour" as I stumble across resources.  If you have a great resource not listed, please share it in the comments!

world musc tour

Packing your Bags...

Connecting Cultures around the World

Multi-Cultural Kids Music Videos

World Music- Finding "authentic" music for the classroom​

North America

Native American Music​

Mexico- Los Machetes Folk Dance​

Native American Music​

South America




Hawaiian Music


New Zealand- Maori Music​

Oceana​- Music and Movement activities

New Zealand​- Maori Song

Australian Music​



Japanese Music​

Japanese Weather Game Song​

Chinese New Year​

Chinese Music​


African Music



Irish Music​

Spain- La Cucaracha​

German Kid's Songs​

Ireland- Celtic Music​

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Elizabeth Caldwell - April 20, 2016 Reply

Thank you for sharing! Your family world tour sounds awesome! Having grown up in 3 continents I am passionate about bringing the world to my students in a deep and meaningful way. I hope other music teachers and parents will be inspired to infuse some experiences from foreign cultures into their children’s lives!

Laura - May 19, 2016 Reply

This is awesome. It’s so much fun for kids to learn about music from all over the world. I love how different the music sounds, depending on the location. Love it!

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