by Tamsyn

September 6, 2011

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Today was to be the day that I released my revised e-book, “Beginning Rhythm”.  It was a great deadline and I put a lot of work into meeting that goal, but it’s just not polished up the way I want it to be yet.  The manipulatives are done, and you can expect the release by the end of the week.

I’m really excited about this project- there are over 200 pages of manipulatives, should you choose to print them.  I did, and I’ve been printing and laminating all day so I can show you what they are and how to use them.  I’ll make a tutorial on how you can adapt them and print only what you want.

I didn’t want to let the day pass without sharing at least something with, so here’s a little exercise to get your feet wet.

Ring around the Rosies

There are 7 other nursery rhymes that will come with the e-book, with four different time signatures.

Have fun!  Now I’m going to sign off and celebrate my baby’s first birthday.  Thanks for checking in!

Video Transcript

Here’s a manipulative that you can use to teach your students basic rhythms using nursery rhymes, like “Ring around the Rosies.”  This is the first stage that we learn it.  They can clap the rhythms, they can play it on a percussion instrument, they can say it with you, and they can sing it and play the singing game.  That’s the first stage.

In the second stage we have boxes for every measure, and the notes have been lighted out.  There are two different ways you can have your students do this.  They can either use a dry erase marker if you’ve laminated it, or a crayon or pencil and throw it away when you’re done, or put it on the fridge.  Or, they can use these cards that come with it, and put it together like a puzzle.  When they are done you can have them clap the rhythm.  (demonstration).

In the third stage we have the same (boxes), but there are no notes.  In this one they have to figure out what the rhythm is themselves.  They might use the sheet from stage one for reference if they are beginning students, or they can figure it out by themselves with the cards or they can do stick notation.  (demonstration)

That’s one example of how you can use these cards.  There are seven others that come with my e-book, “Beginning Rhythm”, and this one is free.  Have fun, and thanks for watching!

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My name is Tamsyn and I love music. I got my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from USU. I spent many years teaching private piano lessons until I had children of my own. I have attended several children workshops on how to teach children music. I really like the Kodaly method, but have adapted a lot of different techniques for my own children.

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