Purchasing Group Memberships

Schools, teachers and communities of homeschoolers can now purchase group memberships at a dramatically reduced price.

Currently, annual (12 calendar months) memberships are being offered at a price of $20, with a minimum of 25 memberships.  If you are a music teacher who would like to offer our pdfs for your online students, please contact us and we can work something out with you.

Here's how to get started:

  1. All users must sign up for an account on our site (free).
    2. The leader of the group purchase collects all the usernames, and notes whether they are already a customer.
    3. Contact us and we'll set up a custom order to meet your needs.
    4. We manually add a year to each user's account. (This is why we need to know who is already a member so we can extend the expiration date.)

To learn more, please contact our support team at admin@teaching-children-music.com