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39 music for preschoolers

Boomwhacker and Solfege Train Giveaway

Giveaways are Back!!The school year has started again and we’re excited to start another round of giveaways.  The Boomwhacker giveaway we began with last Spring was a big hit so we’re going to hit off the year with this color-coded classic.  We’re also throwing in “The Solfege Train” because the materials compliment each other so […]

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2 Music Education Blog Carnival

Music Education Blog Carnival!

Music Education Blog Carnival!The music education blog carnival is a monthly post hosted by different music bloggers.  Each blogger selects a few music posts written the previous month (in this case, July, 2016) and shares why they selected it.  I had a lot of great posts to choose from!  This has been a very fun […]

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UHEA booth

UHEA Convention

First time attending a convention!Last Saturday we attended the UHEA (Utah Homeschool Education Association) convention, and it was definitely a new experience for us.  I have attended this convention several times in the past, as a homeschooling teenager, as a single college student bringing a couple of boyfriends along, and once bringing the second boyfriend-turned-husband […]

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20 ocarina review

STL Ocarina Review and Giveaway

STL Ocarina Review and Special Giveaway!‚ÄčOkay, let’s be honest.  I haven’t geeked out over anything in the music world like I have over the ocarina in a very LONG time!  Not that I had never heard of the instrument, but I had never discovered it until this last week when our much sought-for package came […]

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musical playtime

Musical Playtime

Musical PlaytimeThe importance of free exploration of soundWhile I am all for concentrated, focused practice on an instrument, and tailored instruction to meet those needs, this post is a shout-out for musical playtime in an environment stripped of expectations or special exercises.  Learning is child’s play, and I love it when sound itself can be […]

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29 percussion set

Percussion Set and Beginning Rhythm Giveaway!

Percussion Set and Beginning Rhythm GiveawayOf all of the instruments in our family collection, it’s the backpack full of hand-held percussion instruments that gets used the most.  I store it near the toys and the kids love to parade around the home with them.  But it’s not all fun and games, we practice rhythm and […]

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1 song reader

Song Reader Sight-Reading Book

Learn to sight-read music! The booklet featured in this article is now only available in the members area.Introducing “Song Reader”- a classic children’s music textbook. I love old music books.  Whereas my husband works in the computer field where books on programming are out-of-date within a few years, music books are timeless.  I even found […]

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20 sesame street stomp

Sesame Street / Stomp DVD Giveaway

Sesame Street and Stomp DVDs GiveawayIf you grew up watching Sesame Street like I did, you’re going to love these DVDs!  One features a classic collection of the show’s greatest music, one delves into the process of making music and features cast members from Stomp, and the last one is a classic collection of some […]

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We are the Music Makers- May 2016 Linkup

Introducing the May 2016 Linkup It’s a new month, and we’re back!  If you have written a blog post related to Music Education, please share it!  You don’t have to be a music teacher or musician, we are simply looking for articles to help each other in our efforts to teach music to children.  Share […]

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23 activity scarves

Activity Scarves Giveaway

Activity Scarves GiveawayWhile I have not personally used the scarves featured in this giveaway, I do trust West Music as I have had good experiences with their products.  I chose these scarves because they are hemmed, because there were 12 different colors, and because these were larger than other packages I saw.This post contains affiliate […]

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