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Music Berries

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This printable is a board game that can be played with in a variety of different ways, use it as you wish, and if you come up with your own game, please share in the comments. After much discussion, my kids and I named the dragons Liliana, Fred, and Octavius. Feel free to name them something different in your own home.:)
Here are a few ways we have used it.

Variation 1- Easy

Each player place+s a marker at the beginning, shakes a dice, says the name of the note when they land on it, they say the name of the note and leave their marker. First one to top wins. Or first one to go to the top and back wins.

Variation 2- Gathering berries

Place a penny over each note. Players shake a dice and move the corresponding number of times, MOVING ONLY ON THE PENNIES. When they land on a penny, they must name the note. If they are correct, they get to take the penny (gather the fruit). If not, they stay on the space and leave the penny. The next player then moves. Players continue to go up and down the board until all the pennies are gone. The player with the most pennies wins.

Variation 3- Solitaire

Place a penny over each note. Shuffle the Rainbow Castle cards found in Music Games and Activities. (Please note this is a large file). Draw the cards one by one and identify the name of the note. If correct, keep the penny, if not discard the card and leave the penny on the board. When the cards are all gone, count the pennies. Play every day until they can successfully harvest the entire crop.

For added challenge, cover the notes again with a different kind of marker so the student will not be able to “glean” the name of the note based on surrounding notes. Dimes could be used.

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