by Tamsyn

February 21, 2011

Learning Chords with a simple printable

Piano Chord Wheel

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This is a tool that I created for my piano students to help them to learn their primary chords.

Directions:Print on card-stock, cut out the circles, and then optionally laminate. Poke holes in the center with a needle, then poke a paper brad through the smaller circle then the larger. Fold back the edges of the brad and give it a few twists and you’re done!

Here is a video to demonstrate it’s use:

About the author 


My name is Tamsyn and I love music. I got my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from USU. I spent many years teaching private piano lessons until I had children of my own. I have attended several children workshops on how to teach children music. I really like the Kodaly method, but have adapted a lot of different techniques for my own children.

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  1. Great Idea! <br>I was wondering if you could make a blank wheel with just the white keys on it with no writting on it or colored in. <br>That way someone could make their own progression.<br><br>Example: I-IV-V <br><br><br>Thank you<br><br>Delta

  2. thanks =)Honestly I don´t know what is it for =(…nowadays I am taking electric organ lessons but my teacher is really bad.I don´t have the money to take lessons anywhere else because this lesson are like a social help program where you paid a low price.I would love to play the piano but meanwhile I would like to make the best with the sources I have. That is why I am trying to learn about music

  3. This is terrific! I have two children in piano lessons, and though i somehow managed to get to somewhere in Alfred&#39;s L4 book as a teen, these days there is no money for me to take lessons myself. I have long desired to learn to make up the left hand using the guitar notation but using this wheel will give me much more variation than simply making a &quot;power chord&quot;. In fact, i

  4. Thank you for your feedback, Jenny. It means a lot to me. 🙂 No, I didn&#39;t plan it to fit on a CD- that&#39;s so cool! I&#39;m excited to try it. The other cool thing I&#39;ve seen done is to print one half on one color and the other in a different one and they look like flowers. That doesn&#39;t change the function, but it is more visually appealing.

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