The Mystery at Chord Factory

Is lead sheet notation and chord analysis a mystery to you? What if you could learn how to quickly build not only major and minor triads, but diminished and augmented triads as well? Did you know that this is the skill that professional musicians who only play by ear use to improvise and accompany others? Did you know that with a basic understanding of chord analysis, coupled with practicing a few different chord patterns, a pianist can play any song with the same ease as a guitarist? Did you know that in the 19th century, composition and tonal harmony were as essential to a youth’s music education as regular piano lessons?

In “The Mystery at Chord Factory”, I tackle this important aspect of music that I feel is largely neglected in traditional piano lessons. Join Harmon E. Jones and his sister Melody as they meet the Major, a retired military chipmunk, and his little brother who mines magic crystals and tends to musical flowers that grow underground. Together they learn about major and minor thirds and how they are combined to make musical harmony. But will they solve the mystery of the strange sounds that are coming from their factory?

This book is still incomplete. As the pictures are illustrated, I have been sharing the chapter drafts as well as optional worksheets to help your students internalize the concepts. Please support this endeavor by becoming a member of my website, and thus gain access to all of the chapters and printouts.

Here is a sample:

Chapter One

Worksheet 3

Here is the latest chapter! I will update this link with the next chapter when it is finished: Chapter Four