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Learn Emilie Poulsson's Finger Plays!

When I first discovered Emilie Poulsson's Finger Plays, I felt like I had landed in a gold mine.  The songs and finger plays are so cute, the illustrations so beautiful, and the overall educational aspects of these songs make them a great choice for the nursery and preschool.  While they are more than 100 years old and a few of the songs are a little out-dated for contemporary use, most of these songs are timeless classics.  They used to be quite popular and I think it's time to revive these classics and give them new life.  I have made activities to go with some of the songs using the old illustrations.  I hope you enjoy them as much as my children have!

The original book is in the public domain and is available on Project Gutenburg .

The following ZIP file has all of the sheet music and activities in one folder.  Somehow I made it be a HUGE file, I'll try to get that fixed soon so it can be downloaded faster.

The sheet music for all of these songs are color coded like many of our printables, and is compatible with the movable-Do piano insert.

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(Although, some of these things were only historical everyday things, and are fun for historical purposes more than anything.)