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Music Land TV

Lesson 1

Music Land TV is a video series designed to teach elementary music concepts

Music Land TV features seven sections which will build upon previous materials introduced.  There is no testing involved in the videos, individually they are designed for passive learning.  However, the concepts can be elaborated and practiced with printouts available on this site or with other music learning materials the teacher or parent has gathered.  The sections are as follows:

Story Time:  Episodes begin with a short story that introduces some musical concept.

The Solfege Train:  Teaches with elements from "The Solfege Train", available on this site.  The concepts are based on the Kodaly method with the added element of color-coded solfege notes.

Piano:  These clips introduce keyboard layout for beginning students

Mother Play Songs:  Included are selected songs come from the Mother Play videos on the site.  This draws attention to some of my favorites and are included for singing time purposes.

Composer Spotlight:  Learn about famous composers!

Rhythm Solfege:  Learn to speak rhythms with rhythm solfege.  Also become familiar with different rhythmic values.

Nursery Rhymes:  Learn to sing nursery rhymes in solfege.

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