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Mother Play Songs

Fredrich Froebel, inventor of Kindergarten, wrote “Mutter und Koselieder” (Mother and nursery songs) in 1844, when he was in his fifties. He wrote it for families, and so the daily life of the German family is described in the pictures, verses, games and music from this work. In 1906 his original music was translated into English in the public domain work “Motherplay”. This is the work we have compiled on this CD.

In 1895 another translation of his work was created called “The songs and music of Friedrich Froebel’s Mother play”. In this work, the compilers took the lessons and verses and put them to new music with piano accompaniments. They recognized that although Froebel’s music book was widely distributed, it was rarely used because the unaccompanied duets were difficult for many to sing. The new music is more simple, while maintaining the moral lessons and appeal of the first. We are pleased to bring you this music as well.

Among the feedback I received for this compilation was the common theme of having a hard time understanding the words. The old-English in combination with the art-song style many are unfamiliar with were both obstacles I hoped to overcome with the videos.  To be sure, everything about this work is homemade. The songs were recorded with a Yeti microphone in my living room using Audacity. The videos are likewise made by myself and they lack the polish one would expect from a more professional work, but for learning to sing the music, they are much more engaging than karaoke and they fulfill their purpose very well. These are classic, old melodies with great moral lessons. Art songs with themes appropriate for small children. My children have really enjoyed them and have started singing the melodies since I started on the movie project. It’s a labor of love that I hope your family will enjoy too.

​Featuring Tamsyn Spackman, Soprano, and Tiffany Muir, alto.

​1. Play With the Limbs

​2. ​Falling, Falling!

3. ​The Weathervane

4. All's Gone

​5. Song of Taste

​6. Tick Tack!

​​7. Grass Mowing

8. Beckon to the Chickens

​9. Beckon to the Pigeons

​10. Fishes in the Brook

​11. Lengthwise Crosswise

​12. Pat-a-Cake

​13. The Little Nest

​These songs comprise roughly the first third of the Mother Play songs.  There are many more in the books!