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5. Introduction to I-IV-V7 chords

Lesson 5 Module 1

I am really excited to introduce this printable to aid in teaching I, IV, and V7 chords, which are the primary chords for any song in Major keys.

These chord cards are designed for use with the Movable-Do Piano Insert to help players internalize the mechanics to play I-IV-V7 chords in any key.  First place the insert behind the piano keys in C major.  Then play the chords as written in root position, as instructed on the printable.

Playing in root position makes building individual chords easier, but it is often not practical for chord progressions.  The notes in a chord are the building blocks, and they can be arranged in any order and still be the same kind of chord.  The next step is to play the same chords, inverted for easier playing.

After playing the chords with the aid of the insert, move it to a new key and transpose.  After some practice, playing without the piano insert is encouraged.

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