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        We encourage you to do these things:

        1. Help others. You are an important member of the community, and sharing your knowledge with others is encouraged. Shared knowledge helps us all learn more, which is our primary purpose for hosting this forum.

        2. Share as much appropriate music-education related content, text, images, videos, as you want! The community appreciates it.

        3. Ask questions. Feel free to ask questions and strike up conversations with others.

        4. Answer questions. If you see a question you know the answer to, feel free to reply & help out.

        5. Please post your questions in the forum rather than in email if appropriate. Many will benefit from the answers as well as the discussion.

        6. Encourage others. If you see another member struggling, cheer them up!

        7. Be respectful. Think before you write, ask yourself how would you feel if someone wrote this to you. Welcome new community members.

        8. Give constructive feedback and discuss openly any music education related subjects, as well as community related improvement ideas. Give examples on how you would improve things.

        9. Please hold to a single topic for each thread. Be sure to list your topic in the message header/subject box before sending. This will aid the reader(s) in identifying the topic.

        10. Please ‘Spell check’ all posts prior to posting.

        Finally – have fun & enjoy!

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        • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by Tamsyn.
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