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        (Actually, nobody asked me these questions, but I’m answering them anyway. #keepingitreal)

        How did I become a member of this forum if I didn’t sign up?

        This forum is visible to the public.  If you see yourself as a user, it is because this website has a user database which you have signed up for in the past.  The forum is new, but it used the same database. As a user, you have a profile page, but no one else will be able to see you until you engage with the forum.

        Is my login information the same for the forum as the members area?


        What if I accidentally logged in to this forum and I don’t want to be part of it, but still want my membership access?

        Please let us know and we will manually make this happen for you. However, be advised that it would involve blocking your account from the forum, which we can later reverse. Remember no one will be able to see you until you have engaged with the forum.

        Why can’t I delete my forum account?

        We have manually deactivated that ability for our users as a safeguard because that same account is linked to our membership portal.  To delete that account is to delete anything a user has purchased, if applicable!  Please contact us if you would like your account deleted and we will be happy to help.

        What if I want a forum account, but I want a different username?

        You can change your name yourself.  This tutorial can help.

        Am I allowed to be anonymous on the forum?

        Yes.  You do need an account to comment and participate, but your username doesn’t have to identify you.

        While I hope I addressed concerns many of the “old” website users may have had, I am really excited to have this social platform on the site.  It will make it much easier to communicate with users and tailor new content to the needs of our community, to answer questions more efficiently and completely than email allows, to share the newest materials more directly, and most importantly, to help you connect with each other if you wish.  Certainly the forum is optional, but we warmly welcome and invite all who are interested to participate.

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