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counting songs

Counting Songs and Activities

These printables are now only available in our members area and as part of the larger “Counting Games and Activities” set in our store. Print out color-coded counting songs and play games with these manipulatives.These classic counting songs are a great way to introduce counting to children.  Use the manipulatives to help you teach the […]

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57 parachute

Parachute Giveaway

Classroom or Family Parachute GiveawayFew items require the teamwork of a parachute, and even fewer are as fun to use.  I have searched and studied reviews and have chosen a 10′ parachute for one of our lucky readers. This post contains affiliate links.  🙂Teamwork through Gross Movement Parachutes are so fun!  Children love the bright colors […]

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1 Book of Great Musicians

Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians

Thomas Tapper’s Classical Composer Series for Children Thomas Tapper was a musician, lecturer, teacher, and especially an author who specialized in children’s books.  His “Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians” series, written at the turn of the 20th century, is by far his most popular work. The original series were purchased as a bundle of paper […]

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62 ukulele colors

Ukulele Package Giveaway

Ukulele and Ukulele Lesson GiveawayTo celebrate our finished Ukulele course, we are giving away a Ukulele along with access to our Ukulele video lessons created by Brooke Palmer Music.  Enter the giveaway and learn more below.This post contains affiliate links.  🙂 a Rafflecopter giveaway Find out more about the Ukulele the winner will receive on […]

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We are the Music Makers- April 2016 Linkup

Introducing the April 2016 Linkup It’s a new month, and we’re back!  If you have written a blog post related to Music Education, please share it!  You don’t have to be a music teacher or musician, we are simply looking for articles to help each other in our efforts to teach music to children.  Share […]

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3 Rhythm Family Book Cover

Rhythm Family Mini-Book

This book is only available to members. Print out a rhythm family story book for your child!Meet the Rhythm Family in this printable mini-book, adapted from “Music Land TV”. Give your child a copy and learn the names of different kinds of notes with fun poetry and pictures.  Read below to learn how to make […]

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46 preschool prodigies

Preschool Prodigies Review

Preschool Prodigies Review Sponsored by Preschool ProdigiesFull disclaimer- while I did receive free access to the playground as part of our collaboration, all opinions expressed are my own.  I chose to collaborate because I love what Preschool Prodigies is doing.  This post contains affiliate links.  🙂The theory behind the videos And by theory, I mean […]

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3 Videos for Orchestra Learning

10 YouTube Videos for Orchestra Learning

It’s time to learn about the instruments in the orchestra.  Quick!  Pull out your spare instruments and players so the kids can see and hear what the instruments sound like.  Well, unless you have a spare orchestra in your back pocket, that’s easier said than done.  Fortunately technology has made the task easier and today […]

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We are the Music Makers- March 2016 Linkup

Introducing the March 2016 Linkup If you have written a blog post related to Music Education, here is a place you can share it!  It doesn’t matter if you are a music teacher or musician, we are simply looking for articles to help each other in our efforts to teach music to children.  Share your […]

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62 Chromanotes Desk Bells

Chromanotes Desk Bells and Songbook Giveaway

Chromanotes Desk Bells and Songbook GiveawayCo-Sponsored by Preschool ProdigiesI am so excited about this giveaway because of the opportunity to collaborate with a colleague of mine in the music business, Mr. Rob from Preschool Prodigies.  Mr. Rob is a professional percussionist who has created an entire year’s curriculum for preschoolers based around the Chromanote desk […]

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