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20 DIY printable games and activities.  Buy in bulk and save!

Rainbow Castle is one of our board games

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These board games, crafts, flashcard sets, coloring pages and more are sure to make off-bench learning fun and engaging for your children or students.  Each activity stands on its own as a supplemental activity.  Have a look around and see if this package is a good fit for your musical needs.

The Games Included Are:

  • Rainbow Matching Game
  • Rainbow Castle
  • Music Berries
  • Glissando Note-Reading Game
  • Sharps and Flatters
  • Oversize Music Flashcards
  • Giant Key Signature Flashcards
  • Piano Chord Wheel
  • Pin the Note on the Piano
  • Ear Training Board
  • Mary had a Little Lamb Solfege Printable
  • Origami Solfege Cube
  • Solfege Fingers
  • Solfege Color Activities
  • Solfege Hopscotch
  • Egyptian Pyramid
  • Origami Music Flashcards
  • Piano Rummy
  • Rhythm Blocks
  • Rhythm Sorting Page

Learn more about each set below, or

Rainbow Castle is one of our board games
Music Berries

Adventure Pack One- Board Games

Rainbow Castle is one of our board games
Music Flashcards
key signatures
Piano Chord Wheel

Adventure Pack Two- Teacher's Friend

pin the note on the piano printables
ear training
ear training
ear training
ear training

Adventure Pack Three- Solfege Fun

ear training
Mary Had a Little Lamb Solfege
Egyptian Pyramid rhythm printable
music with origami
music with origami

Adventure Pack Four- Crafts and Games

rhythm blocks
rhythm sorting

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These games and activities will help your child or student learn to read music in a fun and engaging way.  At $15, each game is $0.75 each!

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