We are the makers of Music, May 2016 Linkup

We are the Music Makers- September 2016 Linkup

September 2016 Linkup

It's school time! If you have written a blog post related to Music Education, please share it!  You don't have to be a music teacher or musician, we are simply looking for articles to help each other in our efforts to teach music to children.  Share your article and see what others have written!

A "Linky" is a place where bloggers can share what they have written on another blogger's website.

​Many online hosts require that you link back to them by sharing the Linky button on your page in order to post, but I don't want to go that route.  If you already have a place for Link-up buttons and wish to share the square image on your website, that's awesome, go for it, and social media shares and comments are always welcome, but not required.

The rules are simple:  1.  Article must be family friendly.  2.  Article must be related to music education.  3.  No more than 5 entries per person.


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