Solfege Hopscotch Game - Teaching Children Music

Solfege Hopscotch Game

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How about a friendly game of hopscotch? Only, what if, instead of using numbers, we used solfege? What if, instead of counting, we sang the scale? And what if, instead of skipping numbers when a pinecone lands on them, we got a little ear training done as we learn to skip notes in the scale? Go outside and have some fun, or you can print out this freebie and play the game with coins. The printout will give your ear a bigger workout than the outside version because you can place more than one coin on the board at once.

​Tip for play: Suggest to the student that they use their “inner ear” on the notes they must skip. For example, if the coin lands on “Fa”, They will sing, “Do, Re, Mi”, think of the note “Fa” in their head, and continue singing, “So, La, Ti, Do. Do, Ti, La, So”, think “Fa”, sing, “Mi, Re, Do”. As more coins are placed on the board, this inner ear exercise will become more necessary.

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