Making music concepts colorful, engaging and fun!

Why learn music?

Many think that music theory is hard, boring, and mundane.  However, you HAVE to cross the music theory bridge to fully understand music; you can learn to play an instrument, and you can even play it well, but you won't gain mastery until you understand the language of music behind the notes. Traditionally this has required hours of practicing and school.

Just Enjoy It

Most people don't like theory lessons, they don't like having to learn the technical details about music, they just love hearing it! Especially little kids, they intuitively want to sing and dance!

Making it easy for you to teach your kids

But what if... what if it was easy and fun to acquire a foundational understanding of the language of music?

Come visit Music Land where games, activities, and videos make the complex concepts of music theory understandable. In as little as 10 minutes as day.​